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Relacore® Menopause Relief


Quick Overview

If you’re a woman, one of the cruelest tricks chronic stress can play is inducing menopausal symptoms early. That’s right… stress-induced menopause is a real thing. A really terrible thing. Stress causes your body to produce a nasty little hormone called cortisol, and chronic cortisol secretion can throw off your progesterone/estrogen balance. This imbalance can lead to weight gain, trouble sleeping, memory problems, and — of course — the dreaded hot flashes.

The key ingredients in Relacore’s Menopause Relief help reduce stress-induced menopausal symptoms by getting right to the heart of the matter: it was specifically formulated to reduce your stress and mild anxiety. It also includes a unique compound that helps decrease both the length and intensity of hot flashes, and — best of all — can actually reduce the number of hot flashes you experience BY HALF.* How’s that for some stress-busting power?

Formulated to help mitigate stress-related menopausal symptoms, reduce stress and mild anxiety, decrease the duration and intensity of “hot flashes,” and even reduce the number of “hot flashes” by as much as 50%.*
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