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Quick Overview

Is Stress Making You Look Older?

We all know chronic stress makes us look old and haggard. Science has not only discovered why this happens, but what we can do to help stop stress from aging us. The stress/aging link has to do with something called “accelerated telomere (pronounced TEL-oh-mere) shortening." Telomeres are complexes that cap our chromosomes. As we age and our cells divide into new cells, these telomeres become shorter, and new research suggests that this is the process by which people grow "old" biologically. In very simplified terms, the faster your telomeres shorten, the faster you age... biologically speaking.

What does that have to do with stress? Stress actually speeds up this telomere shortening, aging you prematurely. In fact, in a landmark study published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, researchers found that the cells of healthy women who were considered "low stress" appeared on average to be about 13 years younger — that’s THIRTEEN YEARS YOUNGER — than the cells of healthy women considered high stress. That means if you reduce your stress, or even your perception of stress, you may actually be able to stay biologically younger… longer.

That’s why the newest must-have anti-aging product isn’t a skin cream… it’s a stress-reducing oral compound called Relacore Perfect Skin. It was specifically developed to address the underlying cause of stress-related aging to give you biologically younger, more beautiful skin*... despite the stress that’s working to age it.

So don’t let stress make you old before your time. Order Relacore Perfect Skin today.
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