Can Relacore® Really
Keep You Young?

"Who would have thought a popular belly fat pill could turn out to be the anti-aging breakthough of the decade?"

The Belly Fat Pill Turned Anti-Aging Phenomenon.

In a remarkable turn of events, arguably one of the strangest in the history of dietary supplements, men and women around the country are taking an herbal belly fat pill called Relacore® to help reduce the signs of aging. And if consumer sales are any indication of a product's effectiveness, Relacore is nothing short of an anti-aging miracle. People are buying so much of this stuff that finding a bottle of Relacore at your local Wal-Mart has become almost impossible. Is everyone going crazy? A belly fat pill that makes you look and feel younger? Well... they may not be as crazy as you think.

Anti-Aging Breakthrough or Dumb Luck?

Relacore has quite a history. Originally designed as an all-natural, stress-reducing feel-good pill, its popularity as "America's #1 Selling Belly Fat Pill" soared in the fall of 2001 as the link between stress and belly fat became the focus of media attention around the globe.

"Frankly, we were happy with the sales of Relacore when it was simply known as an all-natural, stress-reducing, feel-good pill," says Gina Daines, spokesperson for The Carter-Reed Company, maker of Relacore. "But as the press started talking more and more about the connection between stress and belly fat retention, sales skyrocketed. In less than one year, Relacore became (and still is) "America's #1 Selling Belly Fat Pill"... you could truly say Relacore's success as a belly fat phenomenon was just dumb luck. But with all this breaking news about anti-aging... Even we couldn't have predicted this kind of overwhelming demand for Relacore."

Dumb Luck Strikes Again!

So why are some people calling Relacore the new anti-aging breakthrough? Well, as dumb luck would have it, a 2009 study published in the scientific journal Hormones underscored the association between stress, belly fat, and accelerated aging. It has long been observed that people who are stressed over prolonged periods tend to look prematurely aged and haggard. (And we're not just talking about extreme stress, we're talking about "normal" everyday stress.) But now the scientific correlation has become clearer due to the results of several extraordinary published scientific papers. "Research has demonstrated that there is a link between stress and belly fat retention," explains Amy Heaton, Ph.D., a research scientist at The Carter-Reed Company. "But is there really a connection between stress and aging? Well it turns out that there is, and it has to do with something called accelerated telomere (pronounced TEL-oh-mere) shortening."

So What Are Telomeres, and How Do They Keep Your Cells Young?

Stick with me for a minute, the science is really interesting. A full set of DNA is contained in all the cells of our bodies (except for a few specialized cell types). DNA is packaged at certain times in structures called chromosomes, which are capped by complexes called telomeres that improve the stability of our essential DNA and basically prevent them from unraveling (similar to the tips of your shoelaces). However, as we age and our cells divide into new cells (a process called DNA copying), the telomeres cannot be fully replicated due to limitations in the natural copying process.


This leads to telomere shortening with every replication, and new research suggests that telomere shortening is the process by which people grow "old" biologically. In very simplified terms, the faster your telomeres shorten, the faster you age... biologically speaking. So how much influence can stress have on cellular aging? In a landmark research study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that the cells of healthy women who were considered "high stress" appeared† to be about 13 years older, on average, than the cells of healthy women considered "low stress." What does this mean in plain English? If you reduce your stress, or even your perception of stress, you may actually be able to stay "younger" longer.



Relacore: A Natural Way to
Fight Stress-Related Aging

"It makes sense that Relacore is becoming a popular anti-aging pill," explains Dr. Heaton. "Stress, and the shortened telomere length associated with elevated levels of stress, has been shown in multiple studies to have dramatic effects on all aspects of life, from obesity to sexual health, even wrinkles. It's logical that a formulation that helps reduce stress and thus preserves telomere length might have a positive impact on the detrimental effects that stress can produce." So if you see someone taking a belly fat pill to stay younger, don't think they've gone off the deep end... they just might be a little bit smarter than you think.

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