Combatting the Effects of Stress with Science

The link between stress and a number of serious health issues is growing all the time. Stress impacts our bodies in multiple ways. Psychological stress triggers the release of stress hormones that can interfere with the way our body’s systems normally function. Stress can cause our muscles to tense up, leading to headaches, pain, and an increased likelihood of injury. It can make our airway constrict and cause breathing problems like shortness of breath or even asthma attacks. In short, stress can lead to a host of issues.

Where We Started

We have been developing solutions to combat the effects of stress since 2003, when we launched our flagship product, Relacore® Extra. Our formulas are designed to address the stress we all face and help improve many of the concerns that are closely tied to persistent stress: stress-related belly fat, sleep, and mood.

Science Is Our Cornerstone

Throughout our nearly 20 years in the dietary supplement industry, we’ve stayed true to our mission of developing powerful formulas with science-backed ingredients. Our goal is to help improve your wellness and reduce your stress with effective formulas you can trust.

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